"The smell of freshly baking breads, the lure of the German meat case, the promise of pastries and cakes for dessert. There’s so much to love about this side-street bakery and café. You just have to go (and go back) to start your affair."

-Jean Le Boeuf, News-Press

Marco Island

Wednesdays, 7:30AM-1PM


Punta Gorda

Cape Coral

Thursdays, 9AM-2PM

Saturdays, 8AM-12PM

Saturdays, 8AM-12PM

Marco Island

Wednesdays, 7:30AM-1PM


Saturdays, 7:30AM-11:30AM

Tuesday-Saturday: 7:30AM-2PM

Sunday: Closed

Monday: Closed

Breakfast & Lunch: 7:30AM-2PM

German Style Breads

French Croissants

Specialty Cakes


German Sausages

Breakfast & Lunch


Fort Myers Beach

Tuesdays, 8AM-1PM

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Westfalen Bread

House-made Rye Sourdough Bread